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Exterior Paint Jobs

The Possibilities With New Paint Are Endless:

The process of painting is an easy one but must be followed in order to ensure that your paint job will last for years to come. We follow this process:

  • Pressure Wash The Exterior

    We pressure wash the exterior to be painted with a combination of TSP and bleach. This process kills any mold or mildew and opens the old surface up to receive new paint. New paint will NOT adhere to any areas that have dirt or grime. So, this is a very important part of our process.

  • Surface Preparation

    This is one of the most important processes when painting a home. If the Prep is not done right, the paint job simply will NOT last! Based on your exterior paint proposal, we remove all loose paint by scraping it. All glossy areas are scuff sanded to ensure paint adhesion. Any bare wood is primed and all gaps are caulked to prevent water intrusion.

  • Wood Repair

    This is the point where we replace any damaged wood. This is usually soffit or fascia wood that can rot easily if the roof or gutters are incorrectly installed. This usually causes water to continually run across the wood surface and eventually it gets into the wood and does it’s damage.

  • Time to Paint

    Depending on your proposal, we apply an even covering coat of paint using a spray or rolled application. Most people want thick coats. The secret is evenly covered coats. Thick coats of paint have a tendency to peel or bubble. When this happens, it leaves bare spots that are open to the elements. So, remember even coats are better than thick coats!

  • Get it Clean

    We keep our jobs neat and clean daily. We know someone lives there and we don’t want them tracking debris into the house. Daily, we clean up any debris, paint chips, etc. and bag it up to remove from the site. Work materials are stacked neatly in an area approved by the customer. At the end of the job, everything is as clean when we started or cleaner.

  • Final Inspection

    We do our own final inspection and make sure everything is neat, clean and done EXACTLY like our customers wanted it done. Then, we walk the entire job with the customer to go over every little concern or question. We want everyone on the same page to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

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